Queer - Crip Theorist


“Crip.” In Keywords for Radicals: The Contested Vocabulary of Late Capitalist Struggle. Ed. Kelly Fritsch, Clare O’Connor, and AK Thompson. Chico, CA: AK Press, 2016. 199-125. Reprinted in Kulturo, special issue on “Patologier [Pathology]” 40 (2015). Translated into Danish by Kulturo staff. 34-43. Reprinted in InterAlia: A Journal of Queer Studies, special issue on “Ugly Bodies: Queer Perspectives on Illness, Disability, and Aging” 11 (2016). Ed.Tomasz Sikora and Dominika Ferens. Translated into Polish by Dominika Ferens. . Reprinted in Barbarismos queer y otras esdrújulas. Ed. R. Lucas Platero, María Rosón, and Esther Ortega. Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra, 2017. 101-106. Translated into Spanish by the author.

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